Nocki™ Mirror Projection Alarm Clock

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Wake up Naturally Everyday and Start a Wonderful Routines with the Nocki™ Mirror Projection Alarm Clock

  • 180° flexible adjustment
  • Adopt a high-brightness LED Light Source
  • Comes with 3 modes
  • It has a smart chip and accurate time
  • With time memory function
  • Can be charge through USB


The Nocki™ Mirror Projection Alarm Clock clearly projects the time image on the wall or ceiling in the range of 9.8-16 feet, and the 3-level brightness of the image can be adjusted. Press and hold the projection button to rotate the projected display 180° for optimal viewing. You can easily read the time while lying in bed.


The Nocki™ Mirror Projection Alarm Clock includes temperature and humidity alerts, as well as an alarm and time display function. The large 7.3-inch display is easy to read. You can clearly see the time, and the alarm screen can also be used as a makeup mirror in daily use, which is simple and interesting. The Nocki™ Mirror Projection Alarm Clock has 3 modes; power saving mode, night mode, and anti-disturb mode. 


The Nocki™ Mirror Projection Alarm Clock is powered by a USB power cord, you can choose a wall socket or mobile power supply to power it.  It has a time memory function. When the power is off, the digital clock system still keeps normal timing don't need to reset the time and alarm clock after the power supply is restored.


  • 1 x Nocki™ Mirror Projection Alarm Clock


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